How to Turn on and off Opal Auto Top Up Online

Opal cards are a means to pay for your public transport usage in greater Sydney. For you to be able to tap on and tap off the opal cards, it should have a certain balance. Time and again you find yourself adding balance to your card. There’s a feature called auto top up that can automatically add a certain amount of Australian dollars to your card if the card balance goes below a certain threshold like AU$10. If your opal card is registered on their official website, then you can use the online interface via the website or the official app called Opal Travel available both in the iTunes App Store as well as on the Google Play Store. Using the app or website, we can automatically configure your opal cards to load balance after it goes below AU$10. You can also turn off the auto top-up feature using their website.

  1. You must have created an account and registered your card at the opal website
  2. (Optional) Downloaded the Official Opal app on your phone and logged in with your credentials.
  3. You must have added a card to your Billing details under My details.

Turn on Auto Top Up of Opal Cards

For turning on the auto top-up feature for opal cards, follow these steps:
  • Go to
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Set up auto top up
  • Choose a card (if you have multiple)
  • Select an auto top up amount
  • Click on Save Amount.
    Enable Opal Auto Top Up

Turn off Auto Top Up of Opal Cards

For turning off the auto top up, you will have to use their website. Here are the detailed steps:
  • Go to
  • Log in to your Opal account
  • Click on the Auto top up/top up tab
  • Press the Remove auto top up button
  • Confirm by clicking on OK.
    Disable Opal Auto Top Up
Tip: Make sure you select the correct opal card if you have more than one attached to your account

Using Opal App

When you top up using the Opal App, you will be asked whether you want to enable auto top up. You can select the same option as the amount you top up AU$10, AU$20 … after it goes below AU$10. You can select the desired option and save it so that your cards always have the balance for you to travel.