How to Move the Windows Users, Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Video Folder to Another Drive or Location?


In Windows, your users folder contains a separate folder for every user account on your computer. Each of those will have a Users, Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos folder in them. By default, these folders will be in the Windows installation drive (Like C:). You can move such folders to another location.

To move the users folder in Windows to another drive like D: instead of the default Windows installation drive like C:, follow these steps:
  1. Create a new folder in the drive of your choice and name it. Example: D:\username\
  2. Create folders: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos under it.
  3. Open your C:\users\<name> folder.
  4. Right click on Documents and hit Properties.
  5. Chose the Location tab in its properties.
  6. Click the Move button and navigate to D:\username\Documents. (you created it previously)
  7. Click on Apply, choose to move the files.
  8. When all files are moved completely, close the dialogue by pressing Ok.

Changing Location for Windows User Files and Folders

You have successfully moved your Documents folder to the D: drive. Follow the same steps for your remaining folders i.e. Desktop, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos. There is no single method to move all these folders at once. After moving these folders individually, all your users folder will be in the location that you specified. You will have to repeat the same steps for the other user accounts in your computer while being logged into that specific account.

Why Move these Folders?

You might be wondering the reason behind moving these folders. One reason is that SSDs are used for the Windows installation and you do not want to clog up this valuable piece of hardware and the storage it offers with your general files. For example: You don't want your pictures/videos and the gigabytes of files present in the desktop to fill up your main drive. There might be various other reasons but it is up to you to store your files in the location that you want to.